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Model Bondarenko
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"Lerner & AG 2011" 6.5cc
I received the engine Lerner& AG 2011 6.5cc in spring 2010. ..
5 of 5 Stars!
"Lerner & AG 2011" 6.5cc Must be logged in for prices!
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The engine f3d model Lerner 2011. To design this engine I used all my knowledge and the innovations of the engine Lerner F2C which has been the most powerful and the most reliable in its class for the last 9 years. The engine was tested in 2010 and demonstrated high speed and reliability. The details of the engine werent destroyed even during the most critical conditions of the flight. Dont miss the opportunity to make the order! The number of engines is limited because of the highest quality of the product. Send your orders to

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This product was added to our catalog on 27 January 2011
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Product Reviews
Andrey Kiselev - 02/14/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
I received the engine Lerner& AG 2011 6.5cc in spring 2010. During almost all the season this engine was being exploited on the model of Ukrainian production Cobra. A lot of various combinations tuned pipe + prop were being tested for this period of time. During the exploitation the engine made a good showing and proved its reliability. For the period of exploitation the cylinder and piston were changed only once just to test the work of new materials. It should be admitted that the recourses of the glow plug of the engine is practically unlimited if the engine is set correctly. 2-3 plugs were enough for me for one competition. The engine has no the problem of the burnout of the piston. I never managed to do it during the season. The engine also amazes with its stability. For example, during the championship in Krasnodar, Russia, the weather was changing all the time: the sun was shining and then it was raining heavily, and according to these factors the temperature and the humidity were also changing. With all this going on I didnt have to change any settings at all. The engine has got a big rotational moment thats why I had to use the propeller of large diameters. First of all this factor influenced the start of the model which was very quick. Needle valve was tested together with the engine. The impressions of its exploitation were very positive. Needle valve is made perfectly, from this it follows its perfect work. Id like to mention the high quality of the production of all the parts of the engine and the needle valve. In conclusion Id like to tell that all the competitions which I took part at with this engine were won by me. I took the first place at the Championship in Krasnodar, Russia, the first place at the World Cup event of Russia in Vladimir, and at the number of home competitions. Kiselev Andrew
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